Spark43 Architects


Henry Ford was great at making a lot of the exact same thing. Henry Ford would have been a terrible Architect.

Many Architects practice what we refer to as, “The Henry Ford Model of Architecture,” Spark43 employs a project team based strategy rather than an assembly line delivery process. Central to strong execution for our clients is ensuring continuity of our team for the duration of your project rather than moving your project line through an assembly line of professionals who focus on one small aspect of your project at a time. This allows us to serve your best interests from our initial conversations through to the successful completion of your project (and beyond).  It is virtually impossible for an Architect to make an informed decision during construction unless that person understands the planning decisions discussed months or even years prior to your project getting out of the ground.  Understanding the “why” is an essential piece of serving our Clients well. 

Additionally, having an intimate understanding of the drawings and coordination allows our team to make the best possible decisions on your behalf in real time.  There are no “disappearing Principals,” designers handing half-baked solutions off to a technical architecture team to “figure out the rest”, or construction administration specialists who join the team moments before a shovel hits the dirt. Leveraging our collective and cohesive in-depth understanding of your project positions Spark43 Architects  ensure that the vision, schedule, and budget are managed well and your expectations are achieved.

Our team has spent years building trust with each other and we understand where our individual strengths and weaknesses overlap. That understanding allows us to supplement and adapt to specific project needs as required while leveraging our talents to deliver a highly customized process for you. Our studio is highly collaborative. Reinforcing a strong culture of communication and encouraging our team members to practice wholistic architecture vs. boxing them into a particular architectural skill set has positioned us to provide innovative, distinct, elegant and award winning solutions for our clients time and time again. Once we are finished, you won’t find a similar looking Spark43 project down the street that we have designed for another client.

You are unique. Your project is unique. Your project will be a unique reflection of your mission and values.

The team we build around you and your project will be involved from start to finish.


Think we might be a great fit for you and the project you are undertaking? Feel free to drop us a note or give us a call.  We would love to learn more about how we can collaborate with you.