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Curious about the “43”? 

It is a reminder to our team, our clients, and partners that while our work is important; so are the things that allow us to thrive.   
When life focuses solely on the studio; our families, health, happiness and ultimately our work suffers.  “43” is a daily reminder that while our work is incredibly important, so are the things that make us who we are

Outside of the studio we (in no particular order) we [are/have]:    

Spouses · Parents · Musicians · through hiked the Appalachian Trail · love to sail · Cyclists · Bakers · Support the arts · Skiers · Bibliophiles · Snowboarders · Philanthropists · Accomplices in Social Action ·  animal lovers (the dog has more Instagram followers than we do) 

Fun Facts about the team:  

Collectively the only continent we haven’t set foot on is Antarctica. 
We have very, VERY, (seriously, VERY) specific opinions about which pens we use – ask us about the electrified pen to preserve pen security. 
Have done back flips out of an airplane. 
Strive to support local businesses  
Promote our communities and the diversity that makes them great. 
By now you have probably noticed that we aren’t big on long winded individual biographies.  While we are all unique, our team is what makes us strong.  Eventually maybe we’ll get around to adding that piece.
For now, if you want to get to know us we would love for you to reach out and find out more: