Spark43 Architects

Cassidy Cvanciger State Farm

Team Corporate Office

Year Completed


Project Type

Tenant Improvement


Grand Rapids, MI

After occupying an upper-level office suite in Hearthside for several years, Cassidy and her team were at a point where they needed more space.  Their current building had no options to expand. In addition to that, the building manager refused to service a wheelchair lift that provided the only barrier free access to an elevator lobby located on story above the visitor parking. The only way to access the elevator was 15 stairs from the parking lot.

The new space provides private offices for Cassidy and her team while at the same time keeping the space feeling open and airy.  Glass walls allow natural light to penetrate deep into the space and a large staff family room complete with comfy furniture and kitchen round out their new space.  Best of all, the new office is on street level with barrier free parking making them easy to find and very easy to access.  The office culture of staff bringing their dogs to work was a key factor in finish selections and the office furniture was custom built by Cassidy‚Äôs dad.

Project Highlights

  • Staff Family Room
  • Offices for Future Growth
  • Barrier Free Access
  • Enhanced Client Waiting Room
  • Abundant Natural Light
  • Dog friendly (and durable) finishes
  • Natural Light
  • Street Level Access
  • Open office feel with acoustic control.